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Inspection and Parts Rework Services by BMI

Let BMI’s highly proficient and experienced Inspection, Contract Sorting, Containment and Part Rework services work for you. Our CS2 containment and rework services are based on an in-house piece price rate. Ergonomic sorting aids and structured material flow to and from the sorting area allows management of efficiencies and quality. We offer technical liaison support for product launch. BMI has a proven track record in the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Consumer Industries and is approved by many OEM and Tired suppliers.

BMI can manage all aspects of outsourced part inspection. Incoming and material inspection, parts verification, and supplier quality auditing. All to containment level 1, 2, and GP 12 standards. We can reduce your manufactured part receiving and inspection expenses and positively impact your PPM rating

  • Our team members are highly trained on containment procedures, policies and inspection techniques to assure your 100% satisfaction.
  • We'll quarantine non-conforming products and return or dispose of them according to your instructions
  • If non-conformities are found, we can help you overcome quality issues quickly and effectively

Parts Rework

If non-conforming part rework is indicated, BMI engineering will present cost effective quality rework methods to your company's quality and engineering departments to rework the identified parts within our facilities to your specifications.

Call us at the number below or contact us through email to discuss your inspection, rework, and sorting project details and questions. BMI stands ready to be your partner in effective, quality driven Inspection and rework projects

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