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Part Decorating Services by BMI

BMI Injection Molding & Assembly Decorating Processes for Automotive, Medical, Defense, and Consumer products will consistently exceed your expectations. Our Part Decorating Tooling and Process capabilities deliver cost effective, innovative, and reliable solutions to meet any volume requirement. Contact BMI today to discuss your Part Decorating needs.

Pad Printing

  • The desired image is etched into a plate or Cliché, and filled with ink. A silicone pad than picks up the image and transfers it to the part. Can be applied to a wide range of substrates.
  • 90 mm Print Area
  • Climate Controlled Print Room
  • Variable Temperature Post Print Curing Ovens
  • Single Color, Multiple Color, Print Color Matching
  • Fixture and Cliché Design and Build
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Hot Stamping

  • The desired Image is created on heat sensitive foil and transferred to a part with a heated anvil. Images from this process can be applied to a wide range of substrates.
  • Chemical and Heat Resistant Foil Materials
  • UZ Stable, Solid Color, and Metallic Foils
  • Unique Identification Number Bar Code Labels
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Screen Printing

  • The desired image is imposed on a mesh screen and transferred onto the part through the screen via a fill blade
  • Can Be Applied to Most Flat Substrates
  • One Color epoxy inks, with Halftone up to 55 LPI
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Smooth Coat Painting / Sprayed Texturing

  • Coatings that meet Automotive, Medical, Defense and, Consumer Specifications
  • Plastic, Aluminum, and Steel Substrates
  • Number TP 100, 200, and 300 Stock Texture
  • Custom Texture Grades Available upon Request

EMI / RFI Shielding & Conductive Coatings

  • Nickel, Silver, and Silver Coated Copper

Call us for an in-person discussion of your plastic joining services needs or combining this service with any of our other contract manufacturing services found on the site.

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