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Parts Kitting by BMI

In the field of inventory control, kitting parts is a crucial element in making a supply chain run smoothly. Parts kitting and sub-assembly is another method to improve productivity by reducing the number of line items ordered, received, stored, staged, and processed through your accounting system. Kitting involves organizing necessary components of a job into separate bins for easy access and tracking. BMI Injection Molding & Assembly, an ISO/TS 16949:2009 experienced OEM supplier, has the ability to kit parts to assist with work cell balancing, supporting the goal of having your operations run at a high level.

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Parts Kitting Advantages

The kitting of parts reduces much of the movement and decision making time from a build process. In a bag-and-bin system, a worker may need to take time away from production to identify certain parts that are missing and correct the situation. Kitting makes it possible for the employee to have all components ahead of time, so production is never slowed or stopped. New part designs or changes can be adopted more quickly using a parts kitting system. If an older component has been upgraded, but still involves similar parts and processes, the manufacturer need only to slightly modify the kitting system already in place. Also, only parts that are needed to fulfill a certain job are purchased which enables management to have more knowledge of inventory costs.

Our Kitting Process

  • Ability to pick, bag, and kit different materials.
  • Custom kits designed to your requirements.
  • Can seal SKU(s) in a bag or box for ease of assembly, packaging, and shipping.
  • Documentation or instructions can be printed and included with any kit.
  • Temporary storage can be provided.

Industrial Job Site Kits

BMI can manage inventory for industrial field projects (construction, oil, gas, and municipal services). We will build a bill of materials with a customer with delivery of assets to central location and distribute to field locations just in time. This process allows our customers to control project cash flow, spare parts, security and quality of job critical components.

Our goal is to deliver to your company increased competitiveness in a very competitive business environment such as the automotive market. BMI's parts kitting service that can bring together all the materials that you require, create the optimal kit for your needs, and deliver a large number of kits to where they need to be in a minimal amount of time. View our other complimentary support manufacturing services found on the site for possible further time and cost savings. BMI is conveniently located in Chesterfield, MI and serving the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana markets and throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.