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Component Assembly

Component Assembly Services

BMI offers complete turnkey product assembly services where we handle all manufacturing, component sourcing and assembly. Some clients may prefer to provide us with some of their own parts, so BMI also offers consigned and purchased component assembly.

For consigned assembly services, the client provides us with the parts and components required, and we handle the fabrication and assembly. Consigned assembly is appropriate for proprietary or highly expensive products that are unique or difficult to replicate. Consigned assembly can also save money if there is a backlog in parts in the inventory.

Purchased components assembly can offer advantages to the client.

  • Buying components from a subcontractor can be cheaper than purchasing separate components from several suppliers.
  • It can be cheaper for the purchaser to assemble components than for the client to purchase the goods and product assembly services separately.
  • Lower operation costs resulting from no transport to the client warehouse, reduction of labor costs, and lower costs of warehouse and inventory management.
  • The cost of waste has already been calculated into the assembly package, resulting in additional cost savings.
  • Component surplus is minimized through the product life-cycle by purchasing smaller quantities.